Wednesday, August 29, 2012

About me

We have been learning about personal and private information online and how we present ourselves online. Personal information is information we can share safely online. Private information we 
should never share without the permission of a parent, guardian, or teacher. If we are not sure we will keep it private.

My personal profile

Hello I am Latanoa I am a Year 6 student. I am a Tongan girl I have a family that is loving and caring. I am really really proud to be a Tongan. I love to go to school because I like to learn and I also love to play with my friends.My interests at school are music,computer games, sports, playing the Marimba, playing Netball and most of all learning. I enjoy watching different kinds of movies. I do not have a favorite movie. My favorite music is “All Back” by Chris Brown. I like that song because there are words that I can act out. My favorite artist is Chris Brown. My favorite book is Chinese Cinderella.The reason why I like that book is its because it has a happy ending. When I grow up I would like to be a policewoman.

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