Friday, April 4, 2014

Week 9 Evaluation

Today I finished my presentation. My next step is to practise presenting my presentation about milk to the class on monday. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Soul Friend

Thursday April 3rd 2014

My Soul Friend

My soul friend is Keira. I like her because she is very talented and beautiful. Keira is a rarotongan. Keira’s favourite colour is “ Baby Blue “, Baby blue is one of my favourite colours as well. Keira likes to drink “ Coca Cola “, I like to drink coca cola too , but its not my favourite. Keira’s favourite subject is Maths. I think she is very good at it. Keira is the best, she is beautiful and kind too.

Keira loves to eat “ Pineapple “. Keira’s favourite actor is Selena Gomez. She loves to listen to Chris Brown, she loves all his music. My soul friends favourite movie is “ The Conjuring “ Keira likes to play alot of games like having to play “ Math Tag “. Keira’s favourite book is “ Harry Potter “ she has almost all the series.

Keira is kind of brown but a lighter version. Keira has long black hair is is very beautiful. Keira is fun and caring I think she is Pretty. She is fun to talk to and is also fun to learn with. Her favourite food is “ Fruit salad “. Her favourite program is Wizards of waverly place “.

I like Keira because she is very nice and acts just the way she is.