Friday, May 31, 2013

My Favorite Hobbies

My Favorite hobbies are  Running and listening to music. I like to run because it is good for me.
When I run, I run up and down. I run when I do chores in the house. I also run when I play net -ball .
When I have nothing to do I listen to music.

Music helps me to calm down. I always listen to music when I am alone.  I listen to music in the car , on my Net book and everywhere. When  I run I feel so fast. When I listen to music I feel really nice and calm.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Day with St Joseph


Wow! At school today I had a very exciting experience.  Well Today a different school came to Saint Pius X. They were named St Joseph. They were really nice.
It all started At 11:00 in the morning. We all had an exciting mass. In the mass I was singing the psalm with Deja.

Children from St Joseph also participated in the Mass. After we had mass we went for lunch. I played with alot of the St Joseph children. They were really fun , But eventually I had to go and train for net-ball. When we finished Lunch time We all lined up to go to the hall.

When we got in the hall room 7 sat on the chairs. Then we started our concert. It went like Saint Pius first then second St Joseph.  The concert went really really well. We sang lots and lots of song. St Joseph also joined in with us. When We all finished, St Joseph had to go back to school. On their way out of the hall we sang Hamba Gashle. Then When They were gone we all went back to class.

When we got to class we cleaned up and went out to play P.E . Then It was time to go home. Today I have had the BEST experience. I really loved how I played with the St Joseph Children.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Description about my Mother

My Description about my Mother

I Love my mother because she is good at cooking. She Makes my dinner and she washes my clothes. My mother cares about me alot. She can be a little annoying but deep down in my heart she means the world to me. Sometimes I try to teach English to her but she keeps on getting the words wrong.  

My mother loves to talk alot, She sometimes yells at me because I am really naughty. My Mum likes to watch the news because she would like to see what the weather would look like the next day.

My Mother is always supporting me. My Mother is the greatest mum I could ever have.

Maths Problem

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Zealand Rowing Team

NZ Rowing team

The New Zealand Rowing team is such a good player in every tournaments they have. The NZ rowing team trains and trains until they win. They never stop and they never gave up.

This year the NZ rowing team has won 9 medals. 5 Gold medals and 4 bronze medals.They worked as hard as they could with their coaches.

The equipment they use is called Oars. They use the Oars to paddle with. What they sit on is called a canoe.

The New Zealand rowing team loves rowing they train alot because they want to become New Zealand’s best rowing team.

I think the New Zealand team is the best because they work as a team and they love to do what they love to do and they also follow their dreams.

Goals for Writing

I am learning to improve our writing by

1) Identify the subject and the predicate in the sentence

2) Identify the type of verbs in my writing 

3) Add adverbs to my writing

4) Change some verbs into a more interesting vocabulary

Salome ran up the Hill

The Subject is Salome

The Three Main Part In The Easter Vigil

In term 1, I have been learning to do crayon and dye. But Firstly I used the Chalk for the outlining. Then second of all I used the Crayon to colour over the Chalk. And finally the last thing I used was the Dye to go over everything in the picture.

In The Pictures You can see that their is a Bible, a Candle and Wavy lines.

The Bible represents The 5 readings from the Easter vigil night.

The Candle Represents the Easter candle of how Jesus Rose for the dead.

And Lastly the wavy lines represents the Washing of the feet.