Monday, May 23, 2011

All about me

My name is Latanoa. I am a Tongan. I live with my cousins. I am nine years old. My teacher is Miss Oldfield.
I go to a special school called Saint Pius X School. I get smart to my big sister that goes to Tamaki college.
My big brother went to Australia with my little brother. I am short. I like to play with my friends at school.
At home I can be crazy or I can go outside and eat some feijoas. I like to eat ice cream on sunny days. My Dad is going to Tonga and my mum is stuck in Tonga. I was also born in New Zealand.
My favorite thing to do is to play on my net-book and also do my homework. I go to bed at 7:00pm. I eat my dinner at 6:00pm. When I have money I save up. I want to save up so I can go to Tonga and see my mum. When I go to bed I love to dream about my mum and dad and also my whole family. When I see my teacher I say good morning. When I go to the shop I ask my auntie to buy me some fish and chip or just lollies and drinks, she spoils me I am lucky to have a kind auntie like my Mum. I also miss my mum alot.