Monday, November 28, 2011

I surrender all - the hallelujah project

Music Reflection

For Religious Education one morning we listened carefully to one of the songs we sing for class prayer time. We did a reflection on it, so we understand what we are singing. The song we listened to was 'I Surrender All' by the Hallelujah Project at Equippers Church. I really love singing this song at prayer time.

What it makes me feel is its like GOD is right next to me and that I will give him everything I have.

The meaning of this song means that I will give GOD everything I have, because I trust him.

Heavenly Daddy
I ask you to take everything I have and that you fill me with your blessings and that you give us joy and and that we have a lovely day. I also ask you let Miss Oldfield have a lovely day today instead of dealing people who is having tantrums. Please help me and also help Miss Oldfield.