Monday, November 28, 2011

I surrender all - the hallelujah project

Music Reflection

For Religious Education one morning we listened carefully to one of the songs we sing for class prayer time. We did a reflection on it, so we understand what we are singing. The song we listened to was 'I Surrender All' by the Hallelujah Project at Equippers Church. I really love singing this song at prayer time.

What it makes me feel is its like GOD is right next to me and that I will give him everything I have.

The meaning of this song means that I will give GOD everything I have, because I trust him.

Heavenly Daddy
I ask you to take everything I have and that you fill me with your blessings and that you give us joy and and that we have a lovely day. I also ask you let Miss Oldfield have a lovely day today instead of dealing people who is having tantrums. Please help me and also help Miss Oldfield.


Friday, August 12, 2011


In the holidays I stayed home with my family but my uncle and auntie had gone to work.
It was so cool because there was no one to stay with us, so I just sat down and
started to play on the couch and jumped on the chair. After I played that I went outside and told Simone to come and play dodge ball it was so cool because the next door neighbor’s came over and played with us. After I played that, we sneaked to the beach because that was a big fight there. We wanted to watch them fight but we didn’t want to do the wrong thing so we went back home and said to my brother do you want to play hide and seek. He said yes but you are counting then I said fine then I am counting. After I finished counting I went and looked for him but it was so easy because he would always go and climb up the tree that is how I can find him so easily. After that he had to look for me but he will never find me because I hid in the place’s that he would never find me. When he couldn't find me I got bored because he didn’t find me so I went inside and just played on my dad’s laptop, it was so cool because I got to play the cool cap games. After that I went outside to look if my brother was still looking for me. When I got outside he was actually looking for me I was like you know I went and hid up in the tree. It was great. I said hey Simone I'm up the tree then he looked up in the tree and I was there. I had to go and have a shower because we had to go to a funeral it was sad it was one of my aunties family that died it was getting so late so we had to go home and have a sleep my auntie wish that she can give her a kiss goodbye but she wasn’t there she miss her so much but she is happy she’s got Siliva and us and GOD

Monday, July 4, 2011

What is it like to have a blog ?

When I have my own blog it feels like someone is going to go on it and put some comments on them and also say this persons blog is so cool. When I have my own blog it’s like the audience from around the world will come and look at my blog if they like it then they will just put a comment on our work.
My blog is a place to show my learning and also show how I am doing at my school. Having a blog is so much better because it is a place where it belongs to you not somebody else. Having a blog is like building up a portfolio of my own that you have been waiting for.

Monday, May 23, 2011

All about me

My name is Latanoa. I am a Tongan. I live with my cousins. I am nine years old. My teacher is Miss Oldfield.
I go to a special school called Saint Pius X School. I get smart to my big sister that goes to Tamaki college.
My big brother went to Australia with my little brother. I am short. I like to play with my friends at school.
At home I can be crazy or I can go outside and eat some feijoas. I like to eat ice cream on sunny days. My Dad is going to Tonga and my mum is stuck in Tonga. I was also born in New Zealand.
My favorite thing to do is to play on my net-book and also do my homework. I go to bed at 7:00pm. I eat my dinner at 6:00pm. When I have money I save up. I want to save up so I can go to Tonga and see my mum. When I go to bed I love to dream about my mum and dad and also my whole family. When I see my teacher I say good morning. When I go to the shop I ask my auntie to buy me some fish and chip or just lollies and drinks, she spoils me I am lucky to have a kind auntie like my Mum. I also miss my mum alot.