Thursday, September 25, 2014


Diorama of a Dairy Farm

The think I like about my art work is when drawing the cows. Especially when my group and I paints the art work.
If I had to make another one I would change the color of the shed, make even bigger cows and make a lot of food so that everyone can see it. I would put more inputs into the farm.
The most difficult part was having to draw the animals, and make the gates. It was really hard straightening it up.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Power to Change

Expressive Writing:- What if I had the power to change something into something I want ?

I would be happy ,But feel weird at the same time. I would feel clueless, because I won’t know weather I have real friends or weather there just using me for the stuff I give them. I would also feel no pain, but would like to see what it feels like. I would want to see if I still have friends even if I don’t have the power to change things

I would feel much better and much happier to not have the power to change things.

This is my best piece of Expressive writing so far !