Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Day with St Joseph


Wow! At school today I had a very exciting experience.  Well Today a different school came to Saint Pius X. They were named St Joseph. They were really nice.
It all started At 11:00 in the morning. We all had an exciting mass. In the mass I was singing the psalm with Deja.

Children from St Joseph also participated in the Mass. After we had mass we went for lunch. I played with alot of the St Joseph children. They were really fun , But eventually I had to go and train for net-ball. When we finished Lunch time We all lined up to go to the hall.

When we got in the hall room 7 sat on the chairs. Then we started our concert. It went like Saint Pius first then second St Joseph.  The concert went really really well. We sang lots and lots of song. St Joseph also joined in with us. When We all finished, St Joseph had to go back to school. On their way out of the hall we sang Hamba Gashle. Then When They were gone we all went back to class.

When we got to class we cleaned up and went out to play P.E . Then It was time to go home. Today I have had the BEST experience. I really loved how I played with the St Joseph Children.

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