Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Soul Friend

Thursday April 3rd 2014

My Soul Friend

My soul friend is Keira. I like her because she is very talented and beautiful. Keira is a rarotongan. Keira’s favourite colour is “ Baby Blue “, Baby blue is one of my favourite colours as well. Keira likes to drink “ Coca Cola “, I like to drink coca cola too , but its not my favourite. Keira’s favourite subject is Maths. I think she is very good at it. Keira is the best, she is beautiful and kind too.

Keira loves to eat “ Pineapple “. Keira’s favourite actor is Selena Gomez. She loves to listen to Chris Brown, she loves all his music. My soul friends favourite movie is “ The Conjuring “ Keira likes to play alot of games like having to play “ Math Tag “. Keira’s favourite book is “ Harry Potter “ she has almost all the series.

Keira is kind of brown but a lighter version. Keira has long black hair is is very beautiful. Keira is fun and caring I think she is Pretty. She is fun to talk to and is also fun to learn with. Her favourite food is “ Fruit salad “. Her favourite program is Wizards of waverly place “.

I like Keira because she is very nice and acts just the way she is.

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