Friday, August 17, 2012

Holiday with Grandma

Wow! my grandma and I were off to the garage sale to look for some bargains. I was all ready and good to go. I got outside and all I could feel was the cold breeze. “Grandma, it’s five in the morning and you want to go to the garage sale?” I asked.  “Of course,” said my grandma. Grandma and I got into the car and off we went. When we got to the garage sale we walked inside and all we could say was “Wow!”. I begged Grandma if I could have $20. Please, please, I begged. I squealed when she finally said “YES.”  When I got the money I went straight to the neck section. I saw a lot of golden necklaces and guess what? They were only $13 dollars. I was so carried away and I bought it. I only had $7 dollars left so I bought myself 1 drink, 2 pieces of pizza and a sausage roll. I was so bored because I didn’t even get to use my brain. I sat under the shade hugging myself. After the garage sale we went back home.

When we got home it was like 9:37. We had something to eat again. After we finished eating we went to the Pak ‘n Save to buy some food. When we were there, I ran to the lolly section. I bought the chocolate lollies.

After that we went to my aunt's house. I ate lollies and ice cream at my aunt’s house. We stayed there till it was dark in the night. They talked and talked and I just played with the kids. We played and played and played. Then finally we went back home because I was so tired. When we got home we went and had a shower and then we went to bed. My favorite part was when we went to the garage sale and bought things that are cool and things that are nice to eat.   


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