Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Reflection on Camp !

During the 3 days and 2 nights at camp, I had the most loveliest time ever. I had fun telling my ghost stories or telling my scary stories. I had fun sleeping on my bed , my bed at camp. I had a lot of fun pranking my friends during the time they were sleeping, but I really had fun when working as a team with others I don’t normally talk to and also making them laugh.

My favorite part was when we played tug of war. My team and I challenged other groups, we would win the first time then we loose the second time, then we’ll loose the first time then win the second time. I really loved the part where a group of us had to challenge the mens, and still won against them.

I also loved the food. The food was very delicious. It was rich with flavours when I tasted them. Some I haven't tasted and some I have. It was really yum though.

It was such a fun experience. It was so fun I still want to go back. These are the memories I will keep till my dying day.

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  1. Well done Latanoa I enjoyed camp too. It was fun
    and also Accumulate I had the greatest time of my life
    by the way awesome work