Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Description about my Father

My father means the world to me.   He has white and black hair.   He is kind of roundish, He is short ,strong and handsome.   My Father has curly straight hair and is really holy.   My Father has brown outlines on his eyes and has beautiful dark brown eyes.   My Father is brownish .
I love my Father because he is very humble and a very wise man.   My Father really loves reading , he says that if we keep reading alot then we will understand our Maths , Religious Education , Spelling, Writing and lastly Reading.   He is very good at singing and playing guitar.   My Father really likes Maths but most of all he likes Music.

When the house is messy My father would get really really angry.   He is a really tidy man.   When My Father smiles and laughs that means its a sign of happiness, But when he is telling me a really sad story of when his Grandmother died I can tell that he is sad because his dark brown eyes start to get watery.

My Father can be a angry, happy and sad but no one in this world can ever replace my Father.   That is why my Father is really awesome

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