Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Holiday

In the holidays , I went to the pools,  Swimarama . I was going with my family, I was really excited. When we arrived, my cousins raced out of the car and into the pools. People were watching us, then I felt a bit embarrassed. Not long after my aunt paid for the younger one, and then we were all swimming!

After we got changed we rushed into the pool that was extremely cold.  It was really cold that it felt as if I was gonna turn into a block of ice. I got out of the pool, race across to the waterpark and started running around like a crazy horse. During the time I had at swimarama was really fun, there were alto of children around the pools and the waterpark.

It was then starting to get warm so I ran as fast as I could and jumped into the pool, which I call the “Ice pool”. It felt really warm inside the pool, so I decided to have a swim. After a while it was getting cold , so I went to the other pools. Falakiko, my brother, was getting really cold, as well as my cousins, Macky and Akesa.  Ofa, my aunty,  said we could only have 1 hour until we’re going home.  After 1 hour we got ready to go home.

By the time we were all ready we went home. I had a really fun time making new friends and swimming with them all day. My highlight of the day was making new friends.
                                       The End

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